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Smart Gardening is an easy way to get a really great looking yard while using less water, energy and wasting fewer resources. You save yourself time and money while doing something that helps keep the County a nicer place to live and work. Yard waste adds to our landfills and diminishes their capacity. However, yard trimmings are valuable resources to compost and nurture our own backyards. When you practice the techniques of Smart Gardening, you will conserve water and energy, save time and money, improve your yard and garden, recycle yard waste and kitchen scraps, reduce waste going to our landfills, and help preserve the environment. These simple practices do not take much time, and help you develop healthy and beautiful lawns and gardens to enjoy.

To learn about backyard and worm composting, grass recycling, water-wise and fire-wise gardening, you can visit our Smart Gardening Learning Centers located throughout the County. To find the center nearest you, click on this Map. To find out when the next free Smart Gardening workshop will be, just click on Workshops.
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