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Big Tujunga Wash Mitigation Area
Please be aware that maintenance activities will be conducted throughout the Big Tujunga Wash Mitigation Area beginning on Tuesday, January 24 and continuing through Friday, February 3. Maintenance activities consist of removing blockages and debris from Haines Canyon Creek and around some of the trails. The crews will generally be working between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:00 pm. No work will be conducted on the weekends.
Please be watchful when riding horses or hiking in the vicinity of where the crews are working. Crews will be cautious when horseback riders or hikers are in the vicinity of their work area, but it would be most helpful if you can avoid their work areas. If you do come upon a crew, please call out to them if they do not see you so they can stop their equipment until the equestrian or hikers pass by.
ECORP's biologists will be monitoring the maintenance activities to ensure that sensitive biological resources are not damaged during the maintenance activities.
If you have any questions regarding the maintenance activities, please contact the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works at
The Big Tujunga Wash Mitigation Area was purchased by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District in 1998 for the purpose of compensating for habitat loss from other projects. The site encompasses approximately 210 acres of land located in the City of Los Angeles Sunland area. Several equestrian and hiking trails wind throughout the native alluvial scrub, aquatic, and willow riparian habitat that surround the Big Tujunga Wash. These plant communities provide suitable habitat for many wildlife species. The Big Tujunga Wash site also provides or has the potential to provide suitable habitat for a number of endangered, threatened, and sensitive plant and wildlife species including Davidson's bushmallow, Plummer's mariposa lily, slender-horned spineflower, San Diego horned lizard, black-crowned night heron, great blue heron, Cooper's hawk, loggerhead shrike, southwestern willow flycatcher, least Bell's vireo, and Santa Ana Sucker.
Big Tujunga Wash Mitigation Area
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Updated on: 1/24/2017
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